Pre-acceptance Letter (sample) 导师预同意接收函

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Q1: How do applicants search and know the information about the supervisors from professional schools?

Answer: All the master's or doctoral applicants should contact supervisors from professional school in SCUT via mail or interview.

•Regarding how to contact the supervisor, please find the information via: (Chinese Version (English Version)



答:硕士、博士的国际学生申请者都需要自行联系华南理工大学专业学院的导师。华南理工大学专业学院的导师个人信息和邮箱信息,可以查看以下网页: (中文版 (英文版

Q2How does applicant receive a pre-acceptance letter of supervisor’?

Answer: Applicants should prepare the following digital materials, including highest diploma or pre-graduate certificate, transcripts, proposal of research, language certificate, research achievement and resume. Then mail above attachments to supervisors and ask them to assess whether you reach their requirement.

Some of Supervisor will reply or interview the applicant who pass the assessment. Then the successful applicants will receive a pre-acceptance letter from supervisors.



② 部分导师有需求接收国际学生的,会通过邮件或者面试的形式联系申请者。通过导师审核的,可向导师获取《导师预同意接收函》。